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"We don't know what fish talk about but it's not water." - Peter Senge


The "water" we swim in as Rotarians has been passed on from our predecessors and an earlier way of seeing Rotary that may have been effective in its time...but may be less effective in today's environment, especially with the younger generation.


To strengthen our Club and Rotary as an organization and to continue to deliver on our mission, we may need to go shopping for some new tools...or at least sharpen the tools that we do have.  So think of this as a trip to the Home Depot of Rotary.


We can keep hacking on the tree with a dull axe, or we can stop for a few minutes to sharpen our tool, and then we will be much more effective and the work will be easier. - from Stephen Covey


Are you ready to add some very proven, effective tools specifically adapted to Rotary and Rotary Clubs?


#1 - should we think of members as customers

#2 - connecting the dots with what is distinctive about Rotary

#3 - defining a distinctive position

#4 - creating energy by finding the positive

Resources - books and web links of additional information